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  Upper Coaching  Life Coaching and Business Consulting Services Helping Individuals and Businesses Achieve Success Upper Coaching is a transformative consultancy dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses through affordable and comprehensive coaching, business administration, and management services. Our tailored approach addresses the diverse needs of individuals, small enterprises, and large businesses, guiding them toward sustained success and growth. Mission: Upper Coaching's mission is simple, to empower individuals and small businesses to achieve success. Vision: To create a world where every individual and small business has the tools, knowledge, and confidence to achieve their fullest potential. We aspire to be the trusted partner that ignites inspiration, unlocks possibilities, and guides our clients on a path of continuous achievement and excellence. Envisioning a Thriving Future At Upper Coaching, we envision a future where our services catalyze positive change
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The Black American Heritage Flag

Black American Heritage Flag image from Wikipedia Black History Month: The Black American Heritage Flag Written by Raven Pugh, MA February 13, 2023 When we think of America, we think of a land with countless cultures, nationalities, religions, and ideologies. To many, the country represents change, freedom, and newfound hope; and it has become the home to countless people while continuing to keep the door open to immigrants, despite the push for new policies. But for black Americans, also identified through other historical phrases such as African Americans; their relationship with the country has been filled with tears, joy, pain, and pride. Black Americans, whether one believes had already inherited the land before the arrival of the British, or that they were all forced to this land through the transatlantic slave trade, have been forced to make a life with centuries of racism and prejudices on their back.  The Civil Rights Movement was one of many liberation movements that empowere

3 Reasons Why You Should Loc Your Hair Now!

  3 Reasons Why You Should Make the Leap and  LOC YOUR HAIR! Some people say dreadlocks but what we truly call them are locs or locks. There is nothing dreadful about wearing locs, it's actually the opposite. Locs help remind us to stay grounded and true to who we are. Now everybody won't agree with that last statement, because some wear them as a fad, but that's ok too! If you have come across this article, I'm assuming your past the "fad" stage and want to genuinely loc your hair (hopefully for an indefinite time). So here are 3 main reasons why you should make the leap and loc your hair now. (Don't have time to read? Check out a quick video explaining why you should loc your hair on Youtube here .) HEALTHIER Did you say healthier? Yes, healthier. When you loc your hair, that's it, it's just your hair. You don't need to use a million and one products to get them to stay locked, because that's the magic of your hair. You are no longer usi

New Beginnings: Set Your Goals the Right Way

New Year, Same You?  Forget a New Year's Resolution, Just do it! Planning for the New Year can be hard when you don’t know exactly what you are planning. And with the uncertainties that we have experienced in the last 2 years, we are all on the fence about making such plans. Many have even come to the belief that it is unnecessary to make plans at all. Now, I do believe that we cannot be so strung out with our plans, that we forget the small things, but I also believe that it is still imperative to be somewhat prepared for things to happen. Despite life’s uncertainties, having some sort of plan can be the difference between where we currently are and where we want to be. LIST YOUR GOALS First things first, write a list of goals you want to accomplish. These goals can be goals that you want to obtain within the next 6 months, year, or even 5 years. Writing your goals will help you to visually see what you want to do, so that you are conscious of what needs to be done. Writing your